The year was 1988. John Danio was nearing his 27th birthday and his life would change forever. Along with his future wife Lizz, and their daughter Mariann, he was about to embark on an adventure that still thrives in Holly Hill, Florida to this day!

      John had grown up in the family deli/pizza business; it was in his blood. Since he was old enough to see over the counter, he would count change to customers who got a kick out of seeing a little boy so passionate about his family's business. 

      Through his teenage years and into his early twenties, John worked after school and during summers, acquiring as much experience as he could. With an Associates of Arts degree in Business, some savings, and a little help from his parents, it was time: Holly Hill was ready for Sorrento's, and Sorrento's was ready for Holly Hill.

And so, on February 29th, 1988, the first of many customers were fed at the newly opened Sorrento's JR. at 1341 Ridgewood Ave in Holly Hill!

     Through natural disasters and three separate economic recessions, Sorrento's Jr. has weathered the storms of life and continues to succeed in a changing and highly competitive industry. Utilizing a friendly atmosphere, innovation, amazing food, and sheer grit, John and his crew can be found grinding it out every Monday through Friday at the same Holly Hill location!

     There's more to Sorrento's Jr. than just working open-to-close and paying the bills, though. For many years, Sorrento's Jr. has tapped into the community and invested itself in the lives of the residents of Holly Hill and beyond. When his father sadly passed away due to cancer in 2004, John decided to help the American Cancer Society by hosting an annual "Pizzathon" donation drive. It pays tribute to his dad and usually raises over $3,000! With the slogan of "Curing Cancer One Slice at a Time", this loving tribute to his father raises over $3,000 each year, and over $40,000 has been donated to the American Cancer Society since 2005! 

     In 2012, John was named, "Corporate Citizen of the Year" for Holly Hill, in recognition of his community involvement with various groups within the city. he is also currently serving as a Holly Hill commissioner. 

     Now, in 2017, Sorrento's Jr. has become a staple in Volusia County. Still a family affair, John's now-grown children Mariann, Carielle, and Jared are all active in the family business to this day, along with several other loyal employees! Others may come and go, but with his passion for people and core family values, John and family continue to fill the needs (and bellies!) of many who live and work in the great city of Holly Hill, Florida. 

Come in sometime and you'll see why Sorrento's Jr is a time-honored Holly Hill tradition! 





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1341 Ridgewood Ave
Holly Hill, Fl



M- 8a–8p

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